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Cubic Interior Trending Designs

Importance of Interior Designing & Trending Interior Designs 2022

Interior designing is an important aspect, because it has many hidden benefits. Interior designing is majorly required for corporate offices, commercial spaces and residential houses. Interior designing trends are vast and varied, the trends change with time. 

After a long lockdown, restrictions and work from home culture, slowly the restrictions are easing, and people are coming out. But, the lockdown has impacted our mind largely and altered subtly. There are new colors, new shapes and textures, new materials and most importantly need mood in the interior designs. The way we spend our time in the home has changed and that has affected the interior designs and décor. 

Importance of Interior Designing

Humans feel comfortable in an attractive and well organized space. The colors, texture, décor items, furniture, etc. will largely impact our mood and mindset. Interior designing is a process which involves designing the space aesthetically appealing and uplifts the functionality. 

Every space is unique and we use space for various purposes. So, it is very crucial to design the space that is suitable for the specific purpose. Proper interior design will make the space more comfortable and improve the functionality of the space. 

With time, interior design trends are changing rapidly. Today, in this article, we have explained the trending interior designing styles of the year 2022. 

  1. Bring The Nature Inside

One of the trending ways of interior designing nowadays is designing the space with natural elements. Yes, people are now more conscious about nature and want to bring nature to the interior. Natural interior design will help bring a lot of natural light and air. 

Adding indoor plants, creepers, foliage, etc. make the interiors natural and helps to keep the environment calm and fresh. Also, some of the research has found that adding images featuring nature also gives a natural look to the interiors. 

  1. Curves in Place of Straight Lines

In structural furniture, the straight lines and sharp corners are replaced by smooth curves. The furniture like sofa, chairs, tables, shelves, etc. are now designed in curved shapes. This will make the interiors more attractive. Also, curve shapes bring a sense of tranquility, ease and fluidity to the space, and showcase your interests and personality. 

  1. Vibrant Hues & Bold Wallpapers

One of the major changes that you are going to observe in the interior designing is the colors. Neutral and light colors will be dominated by vibrant hues because vibrant colors signify energy and spirit. 

Also, nowadays, the trend of bold wallpapers has increased. Whether it be a living room or a bedroom, bold wallpapers are the new style. Bold wallpapers fill space with new energy and high spirit. 

  1. Statement Ceiling

Ceiling with bold colors and patterns, painted arts on the ceiling, mirror fixtures, etc., have gained a lot of attention in recent times in interior designing. This type of ceiling is mostly suitable for residential spaces and commercial spaces. 

Many people have already designed their ceiling with this style and there will be a steep increase in the demand and trend. This type of interior design style for ceiling has become more trending because it will give an interesting look to the space and add a quirky angle to the space. 

  1. Traditional Furniture & Design

In 2022, the eclectic modern interior designs and furniture styles will be replaced by traditional designs. Most of the people with large space are incorporating furniture inspired from mid-centuries, and the interest in antique pieces has increased a lot. 

This type of interior design will increase the grandeur of the space, and makes your personality strong and attractive. 

These are the top 5 features of interior designing that are going to be trending in 2022. 

Interior designing is a challenging and complex task, and everyone is an expert at it. To design amazing interior design that matches your interest and personality, it is advisable to hire an experienced interior design company

Since they have many skilled and professional interior designers, they can provide the best interior design services. Also, they can design your interiors according to the trend attractively in a stipulated time. 

If you are planning for interior designing, then we can help you. Cubic Associates is a reputed interior design company and we provide interior design services for residential houses, corporate offices and commercial spaces. We have many experienced interior designers in Hyderabad, and we can give you the best interior design services in Hyderabad according to your requirements. 

We have a rich history of providing our services to many small and large businesses. We have a special team of interior designers, which is exceptionally good at designing interior for residential spaces. We use high quality material and we are very quick. So, we can provide the best interior design service in a short span. 

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Hiring the best commercial interior designers is very important for designing commercial spaces and for creating modern and trendy interior designs.

Importance of Interior Design for Commercial Space and Modern Trends

The importance of well-designed and comfortable space has increased in recent times. People are expecting comfortable and attractive spaces. Be it the retail store or an office space, a well-designed space will have a significant impact on the customer and employee satisfaction.
Nowadays, as the importance of interior design increases, many people are hiring interior designers for commercial space.
Commercial Space Interior Design
Commercial space interior design includes designing of interiors for retail stores, restaurants, lobbies, offices, and other public spaces. A perfect interior design can be developed only through proper planning of space.
Space planning is one of the key aspects of interior designing, and it is advisable to hire professional interior designers for better results. Professionals can design the space by considering the requirements, in a trendy fashion. The trends of interior designs also change with the time. So, in order to give the best look to the interiors, trying contemporary interior design styles would be a lot.
If you are planning for interior design of your commercial space, then we can help you. Cubic Associates is one of the leading interior design companies in Hyderabad and we have professional interior designers.
Importance of Trendy Interiors for Commercial Spaces
Interior designs can speak a lot of words with its appearance, it can define the purpose of the space. Every space has its own purposes and every space needs a different interior design. A business can achieve success with perfect interior designing, because the interiors can influence the customers and help to showcase the standards.
Also, people who come to your business need comfort. For example, if you are the owner of a restaurant, comfortable and attractive interiors can help to influence the customers. When people get satisfied with the interiors, then the chances of revisiting the business will increase.
In this article, you can learn about the recent trends in commercial interior designing. So, let’s have a look at some of the most popular interior design trends.
1.Greenery in Interior Design
People are giving more importance to nature than ever before. Everyone wants to spend their time in a green and eco-friendly environment. So, the concept of Biophilia interior designing is gaining prominence. Because of the interest of people to spend in the natural environment, business leaders and owners are looking to incorporate natural elements in the interior space.
This concept includes incorporating natural elements like wood, plants, grass, stones, the interior design. This commercial interior design style promotes health and also helps to improve concentration.
2.Additional Outdoor Space
The interest of people has shifted from indoor space to semi-indoor space. In light of the coronavirus pandemic, people are avoiding to stay most of the time in an isolated space for a long time. Also, people want to enjoy more realistic experiences than artificial lighting and nature.
So, most of the commercial space, especially the restaurant industry has changed significantly. They are showing interest to design the interiors in semi-indoor interior design styles. In this type of interior design, certain parts of the space will be isolated and some part of the space is designed using natural elements.
3.Frameless Glass in Interior Designs
Usage of glass has increased in all areas, and today, glass is also used in the interior design to enhance the interiors. Incorporating the glass designs in the interiors, will make the space attractive and luxurious.
Using frameless glass will increase transparency as well. Most commonly, frameless glasses are used to design the door system, windows, walls, furniture tables, etc. Also, one of the best advantages of using frameless glass in the interiors is that the glass occupies very less space. So, this can help to increase the functional area of the interior space.
4.Multipurpose Spaces
Multipurpose space is one of the popular interior design trends. While planning the design, people are trying to make the space suitable for multiple tasks. It will increase the interaction of the people and reduce the time required to shift from place to place for various works.
One such example of Multipurpose space is seen in restaurants and offices. People are designing the space that will be suitable for working, as well as for doing regular office work. Nowadays many restaurants are designed only for the people who are seeking a place to do work and for meetings.
5.Use of Wood in Interior design
Nowadays people want to experience nature in indoor space, so many commercial spaces are designed using wood. From furniture to ceiling, everything is designed using wood products. This will give a natural appearance to the interior space.
Also, one of the benefits of using wood in interior designs is that they are durable. Wooden furniture, ceilings, floor, etc. will last for a long period of time and wood can be used to make any complicated shape.
These are the top 5 trends in commercial space interior designing in recent times.
If you are planning to renovate your old interiors or want to design commercial space for your new business, hiring professional designers will provide a lot of advantages.
Cubic Associates is an experienced interior design company and we provide the best interior design services in Hyderabad at attractive prices. We have helped many people and business owners to design interiors of their house, office, and commercial space.
We have the best team of interior designers, who have years of experience in this designing field. They can help you with the best and contemporary interior designs according to your requirements.
So, if you are looking for the best interior designers in Hyderabad then reach us for the professional interior design service.

Office Meeting Space Designs from the best Interior Designers in Hyderabad

Top 5 Essential Elements of Office Space Interior Design

Interior design plays an important role in creating an efficient, productive, and inspiring office space. According to various researchers, the employees’ happiness is largely impacted by the surroundings and comfortable interior designs.
When it comes to the workspace design, although looks are important, comfort plays a crucial role and cannot be ignored. Designing the space is a science, and interior design is the blend of beauty, comfort and functionality. The perfect office interiors can improve productivity as well as help to focus on their work comfortably.
So, do you want to know the elements that make the office space perfect? In this article we will be exploring the key elements that make a perfect office space.
Floor Design
Floor planning is the most important and first step in interior designing. In floor planning, the usage of every portion of the space should be designed carefully, based on the requirements.
An interior designer plays a crucial role in planning the space, and he can give the best ideas for the interior space according to the requirements and trends.
As every furniture and workstation consumes a certain portion of space, the design of the office space must be done in accordance with the measurements. It is the most important and complex task, so hiring an experienced office interior designer would be the best option.
Open and Private Space
According to many surveys, employees feel comfortable in a flexible workspace. It means the workspace should have both open and private space. Open space at the work space allows employees to collaborate, and decreases feelings of isolation and depression.
For the people who are struggling to concentrate can use the private space to focus on their work. These help employees to shift their places according to their convenience and helps the companies to improve productivity.
By creating several variations in the workspace, it will promote neurodiversity. Employees also feel comfortable and balanced to work in a flexible workspace environment, where both open and private space is available.
Furniture and Ergonomics
People who spend too much time engaging in a sedentary lifestyle are likely to become victims of many health issues. Sitting in a discomfort position for a long time every week could increase the chances of obesity and heart problems.
The efficiency of the workplaces will increase when employees feel comfortable and healthy. So, it is very important to consider ergonomics while designing the furniture and workspace. For example, an ergonomic chain can help to prevent discomfort and promote concentration.
Also, special storage spaces like shelves must be provided to make the workspace look clean and attractive. It’s very important to design the workspace and furniture by considering ergonomics, which improves comfort of the workspace.
Natural Light and Greenery
Natural light and fresh air is very important in the office space. Lack of these natural elements in the workspace make employees feel uncomfortable and artificial. This ultimately affects the productivity of the employees and office space.
While designing the workspace, proper space must be allotted to indoor plants. Also the interior design of the office should allow natural light to enter the office. No employee wants to work in an artificial environment, they want some natural elements.
Natural light and greenery in the office provides a lot of benefits and some of the benefits are like,
-Helps to reduce stress and depressed feelings.
-People won’t feel trapped in a space, they feel free and comfortable.
-Employees feel fresh, active and happy while working.
Adding plants wherever it is possible is a great way to make the office environment refreshing. So, it’s important to hire experienced interior designers to plan and design the office space. They know how to use the space to make a perfect environment.
Color and Design
No person wants to work in a dull and unattractive workspace. Dull interiors of the office can stifle an employee’s creativity and also make the employee lose interest in the job. Colors have the power to change the environment of a space, and it is one of the ways to communicate the message.
Several studies have been published throughout the years about the importance of the color. The studies stated that colors have a great impact on the mind, emotion, and behavior. Colors on the walls and colors of the furniture and other things can help to create a character to the office.
An office space designed using the best elements and colors can help to relieve stress and boost productivity.
These are the top 5 elements that make the office space the best for employees. So, it is very important to consider all these elements while designing the workspace. Hiring some experienced and skilled interior designers for the office interior design will provide a lot of benefits.
If you want to hire interior designers to design your office space, then we can help you. Cubic Associates is a leading interior design company in Hyderabad and we can help you with the best office interior designs.
We have highly experienced and the best interior designers in Hyderabad, and we provide interior design services for residential spaces, commercial spaces, and corporate offices spaces.
We can design your office space according to your requirements using contemporary interior designs. We provide quality services and we source all the raw materials from trusted sources. So, if you are looking for office interior design services in Hyderabad then reach us.
Our experts can provide attractive and functional interior design service within your budget.

Kitchen Interior Designs from Kitchen Interior Designers in Hyderabad. Creating attractive and functional kitchen designs.

Top Elements That Make Kitchen More Attractive and Functional

Kitchen is the central hub of every house and it will bring your family together for talking, cooking, eating, and having fun. Every space can become attractive and functional if the design is intelligent and perfect. Functional and attractive kitchen design is crucial, because it can foster a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
If you are planning to remodel your kitchen or want to build it from scratch, then careful planning is very important. There are certain elements which would make your kitchen attractive, functional, and great.
Recent technology has made everything possible, and now we can design kitchens easily according to our requirements. In this article, let’s see some of the top elements that make your kitchen functional and appealing.
Kitchen Work Triangle
The kitchen triangle is one of the most important aspects which cannot be neglected. This concept helps to make the kitchen area functional by working on three major points. The three major points or workstations must be placed in a triangular manner, and the workstations are the cooking point, wash basin or sink, and refrigerator.
For a perfect kitchen, each workstation or leg of the triangle should have a gap of 4 to 9 feet, and the sum of all the distances must be greater than 13 feet and less than 26 feet. This concept helps to minimize the distance between the key points and also improve functionality of the kitchen.
Although the concept of kitchen triangle helps a lot, it is not a mandatory design. You can customize your kitchen according to your lifestyle and taste. Some people like to place their refrigerator next to the microwave, and some want to sink near the cooking area or stove.
Kitchen Layout
Functionality of a kitchen space does not depend on the size of the kitchen area; it depends on the layout of the kitchen. Layout Planning is very crucial and the first step in the design of the kitchen. The layout of the kitchen plays an important role to make the kitchen functional and attractive.
There are many types of kitchen layouts which can be used in the kitchen. We can choose any layout based on the requirements, size, and lifestyle. Some of the popular layouts that are used in the kitchen are
U-Shaped Layout: This type of layout includes 3 work stations, and it is mostly used in the kitchen where the area of the room is more.
L-Shaped layout: In this type of layout, there will be two work stations which are located adjacent to each other.
Island layout: In this type, the work stations are located along the walls of the room and in the center of the kitchen, a separate workstation is created. This is suitable for large kitchens and restaurants.
Apart from these layouts, there are also some other types of kitchen layouts like parallel layout, straight layout, etc.
Quality and Symmetry
Designing a kitchen is a complex and costly aspect. Once the kitchen is designed, it would be very hard to change it, so it is very important to plan perfectly using the best quality material. Modular kitchens are a popular type of kitchen design and it provides a lot of storage space as well.
While designing the cabinets, using high quality material is crucial. Because it will affect the life of cabinets and also the money spent on the cabinet design will be wasted. So, while choosing the raw material, it is advisable to choose the best quality material always for high durability of cabinets.
Apart from the quality of materials, symmetry is very important. Generally, symmetric kitchen design can draw audience attention and it will give aesthetic sense to the kitchen. Keep the cabinets, work station, and other aspects simple, sleek, and appealing. Because it will enhance the cooking experience and improve the functionality of the kitchen.
These are the top 3 elements that need extra focus while designing the kitchen. Apart from these elements, brightness and ventilation are also important elements.
If you are planning to renovate or design your new kitchen, then Cubic Associates can help you with the best kitchen designs.
Cubic Associates is a popular and one of the leading interior design companies in Hyderabad, and we have been in this industry for years. We have experienced and skilled interior designers, who constantly update their skill sets to match the trends.
We have helped many clients to design their space, and we offer residential, office, and commercial space interior design services. Quality service, timely completion of projects, and best designs at affordable cost made Cubic Associates as one of the best interior design companies in Hyderabad.

Home interior remodelling services from Cubic Interior Designers in Hyderabad reshaped home interiors beautiful and classy.

Designer’s Top 10 Unmissable Home Remodeling Tips & Tricks for Making a House a Home!

Have you been thinking of renovating your home? you have come to the right place. Planning a house remodeling or renovation is a huge undertaking as it involves a lot of research, brainstorming, financial issues, expert consultations, and whatnot. What is even more taxing is executing the project in real-time. don’t worry, cubic interior designers are here to help you.

If you are willing to remodel your home or want to improve the aesthetics then you can seek support from our specialized residential interior designers in Hyderabad.

When it comes to transforming a house to feel like a home there is more than meets the eye. Transforming the features to make the space stylish and functional yet homely is not often an easy task.

From working out which paint works best in various rooms, décor items, & lighting options to where to place furniture, there are multiple elements to consider. That is where a professional interior designer’s help and expertise become invaluable.

Whether you are updating an entire house or sprucing up your kitchen or just adding a splash of colours to freshen the look. These helpful tips and decorating pointers are not to be missed. Leading Cubic Interior designers share their secrets and tips to gain insider knowledge for transforming homes like a professional.

What is Home Renovation? 

Home renovation or the remodeling of a house, also known as a conversion, involves improving a broken, damaged or obsolete structure, usually a residential structure, in order to make it more aesthetically pleasing and functional. A house renovation can also be a conversion of everything.

Advancements in technology have had a major impact on what is possible with ideas for refurbishing houses at the planning stage. The availability of home remodeling software has enabled residential and commercial interior designers to make realistic 3D visualizations of their designs and make real-life changes before the work is actually done.

This technology provides a platform for professionals to present their vision and gives customers with little or no technical knowledge a chance to get a realistic idea of what a room will look like when the renovation process is complete.

What are the Best Home Renovation Ideas?

 What are the best home renovation ideas to increase the property value of your home for sale, or if you are entering into a contract to build a home that you can’t wait to build your own, chances are that a renovation or kitchen conversion project is in your future? Here are some of the best ideas for remodeling homes.

This means that you have to consider a lot of elements, including finding a contractor, reducing costs, making your renovation ideas a reality, and, above all, how you can decide which ideas to transform your home into something that will benefit your space.

Let’s explore the top 10 tips and tricks of home remodeling ideas.

  1. Lower your living room
  2. Make use of the area under the stairs
  3. Maximize the space with drawers
  4. Do not forget the Exterior
  5. Create more usable spaces
  6. Upgrade kitchen storage 
  7. Be mindful about colours
  8. Try innovative with lightning
  9. Make use of open shelves
  10. Experiment with shapes
  1. Lower your Living Room

A current trend in home renovation is to create a sunken area with sofas in the living room. This tends to give the room a more intimate feel and make it appear larger than it actually is. If you have a whole room or space that you want to transform, try these tricks and unique solutions for transforming your home.

  1. Make use of the area under the stairs

If you are renovating your house that includes a staircase, you should not make the mistake of leaving a large room like a staircase unused. Add shelves to display your bookcase, your music collection, friends of fine wine, or even fancy wine shelves to create your cozy corners. We left the space between the bed and the cupboards untouched.  

You can transform this small room inspired by your childhood fantasies of living like Harry Potter, avengers into a beautiful secret reading corner.   

  1. Maximize the space with drawers

We very often leave the space beneath the bed and cabinets untouched.

Instead of leaving the room empty, you can add a low pedestal drawer where you can store additional frills around the house to make it look tidier. This is especially useful for mobile home renovations, where you need to maximize the small space you need to work with. To waste valuable storage space.

  1. Do not forget the Exterior

When you are renovating, remember to set a few accents to give your home a welcoming and pleasant look. Simple ways to enhance your outdoor space include adding a garden, beautifying your mailbox, exhibiting colorful and cheerful pieces at the entrance to your home, and adding shutters, window boxes, and planters to your window seat.

  1. Create more usable spaces

Another great idea when remodeling your home is to create usable space for your existing furniture to optimize your design. For example, if you have a deck, place a bar on it to create a nice bench for an outdoor dining area.

This is especially helpful when you are looking for ideas for renovating your home, as you can add space for products you already own rather than starting from scratch. Adding a typical built-in wardrobe can be used as an opportunity for renovation, but building a pull-out wardrobe can create additional storage space on the countertop and make your home look unique.

  1.   Upgrade kitchen storage    

A kitchen island offers you more counter space, additional storage space, and additional seating. Just be sure to add extra outlets on the island when your kitchen is being rebuilt to ensure full functionality. A great way to improve a kitchen design is to double it up with a minibar shelf on the counter, with matching shelves for drinks and glass storage to store your alcohol.

Modern Bedroom Interior Designs from the best Interior Designers in Hyderabad

What is Space Planning and its Importance in Interior Designing?

Attractive, Spacious, Comfortable, Luxurious, etc. are some of the words that people feel when they enter into some rooms or places. So, the question is, what makes the space more functional and Attractive?

The answer for this question is interior designing. Yes, interior designing is one of the important processes that make the place unique and lively. But to achieve the desired goals of interior designs, space planning is very crucial.

Why is Space Planning Important?

As the demand for space is growing, people are starting to consider space as an asset. Many people understand interior designing as a process that makes the space only appealing. It’s true, but along with that proper planning of space before starting interior designing could make the space more functional.

Every space needs proper planning to achieve interior design goals, it can be done for residential space, , commercial complexes, etc. So, in this article, let’s see some of the space planning aspects or benefits, which are important for interior designing.


Before planning a space, it is very important to know the purpose of the place. For every requirement, the planning will differ, and according to the purpose, the space will be planned. Nowadays, people are expecting multipurpose space design. For example, a kitchen which should also be used as a dining room or a bedroom as a dressing room, etc.

So, it is very crucial to consider the purpose of the space or room before space planning. It helps interior designers in designing the space.

Selection of Furniture

Interior design without any furniture doesn’t make any sense. Furniture plays a key role in the interior designing, because it can make the room congested as well as spacious. With effective space planning, one can install the best furniture, which makes the room more spacious and comfortable.

Also, Space planning will improve the functionality; meaning it makes the space more functional. Especially for offices, functional spaces are very important. So, space planning helps in selecting proper furniture that meets the client’s requirements.

Improving the Appearance

Just like creating comfortable and functional space, making the space more appealing is one of the important fact interior designing. It may not be possible to make the space attractive at the end or any other time.

So, space planning will give a detailed analysis of the space, which helps to improve the appearance of the space.

For example, an office space or a commercial space should be comfortable as well as attractive, because it helps employees to focus more on their work and also improves the efficiency of the employees.

Space Modification

Nowadays, the demand for flexible space is increasing. A flexible space is a place which can be used for multiple purposes. Also, depending on the requirements, it can be modified easily without much hassle.

For example, consider an office with limited employees. If the business grows, they must hire new employees and also prepare the space to accommodate new employees. So, space planning will help to anticipate the requirements, and also to design the place in such a way that it can be modified according to the need.

So, these are some of the top benefits of space planning in interior designing. To design the space, choosing the best interior designers is very important.

Benefits of Choosing Experienced Interior Designers

You will find many interior designers if you search on the internet, but not everyone is an expert at interior designing. The space can be designed perfectly by balancing all the aspects of the design only if the designers are experienced and intelligent.

There are certain factors that need to be considered while choosing an interior design company.

  • The experience of the interior design company is one of the important aspects that need to be stressed more. Because an experienced company knows all the aspects clearly, and they can complete the interior designing within the budget.
  • Always check the previous projects and client’s reviews and testimonials. Because, it will give an idea about their capabilities.
  • History about the company is very important, because it will help to know about their client’s, works, and other important achievements which they have secured.

These are some of the top factors that you must check before choosing an interior design company.

If you are looking for an interior design company in Hyderabad, then you can choose cubicassociates. It is one of the experienced and leading companies with the best interior designers in Hyderabad. We have the best interior designers and we can help you to design your interiors at an affordable cost.

Contemporary Kitchen Interior Designs for setting up kitchen cabinets, utensils etc., for creating a decorative and easy-access design for everyday kitchen access.

Kitchen Décor—5 Best Contemporary Kitchen Interior Design Trends!

A few decades ago, the kitchen was a hidden place in the back of the house where meals were prepared & dirty dishes were washed. Fast forward to the present and the kitchens have a much different role. Today, the kitchens serve as the focal point of the home that brings everyone together, now instead, the kitchen is considered in all its beauty & warmth at the very center of the home.
If you are hunting for inspiration and ideas for your home or any big kitchen project, keep on reading.
Whether your goal is a complete makeover or just spruce up your space, it’s time for a makeover in the kitchen that you want to know is here to stay. However, some of the trends escape the mold and become timeless classics that interior design lovers can’t get over them. Cubic interior designers in Hyderabad love innovation and contemporary ideas for kitchen design, but there are a few old favourites that won’t go anywhere anytime soon.
From layout to the final finishes, every year is a turning point for kitchen interior design. Here, we have rounded up 2021’s biggest trends of kitchen styles.
Read on to find out what top kitchen design trends 2021 has to offer and what remains.

1.Layered Lighting Kitchen Design Ideas
One of the most exciting places to experiment with kitchen design trends is lighting – Trends- 2021: Our Home interior designers in hyderabad encourage clients to keep going wild. Light – Working with various levels of light allows designers to create an atmosphere that they could not have before. Irrespective of your preferred interior design style, task, as well as accent lighting is included in the kitchen design’s blueprint.
Anyone who loves trends in kitchen design needs a little help integrating them into their home. Schedule a free interior design consultation to learn more about your options.

2. Open plan Kitchen Remodel
Kitchen or any other interior design ideas have been about balancing style, fashion with functionalism and one of the top requirements of home renovators commonly have is an open-plan kitchen area.
The evolving spatial divisions have shifted from the cubicle-like rooms of the early 20th century to wallless living. Nowadays, households rely on zoning, shelves, and furniture to create different areas of the house. In order to stay true to the furnishing trends of 2021, multifunctional rooms are in the foreground.
Open plans will top the list of kitchen design trends in 2021 as families are more integrated than they have been since the beginning of the century. Architects and budget interior designers are making the most of these trends, reinventing kitchen layouts to integrate storage space, smart technology, and seamless flow into modern homes.

3. Open Shelving Design
Kitchen design trends and styles from the past are often taken up again in kitchens, and open shelves are such a golden oldie. Open shelves are a necessity, but not a trend in the kitchen cupboard. With the arrival of cupboards in the 19th century, kitchen elements such as open shelves lined the walls.
Shelves faded into the background for a few decades, but in the 1950s they re-emerged as a trend with plate holders. The contemporary counterpart is minimalist and functional.
With open shelves, homeowners and our residential, commercial interior designers in hyderabad can easily and quickly personalize a kitchen and impose their style on it.

4. Classic Deisgn Trends
Tiles are another good example of a popular trend that gets a makeover. If you are in search of creative inspiration, then lean back into global and old-world styles. Go out and look for creative inspiration.
The colorful elements on the walls (Mexican tiles, backsplashes, subway tiles, checkered floor tiles) captivate trendsetters and do-it-yourselfers alike. They are currently the hottest kitchen trends.
Tiles are practical, interchangeable, and durable, making them a firm favourite among kitchen design ideas. Its base of ceramic, concrete, cork, and glass makes it a green alternative that is a plus for the eco-friendly design community.

5. Essential trends-breakfast bar
A breakfast bar is not only a great place to get nutrients, but also the perfect place to enrich the kitchen with creature comforts. This kitchen trend is the culmination of the development of two pieces of furniture pieces like the dining table and the breakfast corner (kitchen island).
Breakfast bars have cabinets that can be used as casual seating when entertaining, and kitchen trends for 2021 will be even more popular. In many contemporary homes, island seats and pendant lights create beautiful features and vignettes in the kitchen.

6. Kitchen Cabinets are Here to Stay
Kitchens with cupboard doors at the front and back in a five-panel shaker style. Shaker kitchen cabinets became famous for their practicality and modern aesthetics. Today we are so accustomed to these cabinets that we do not notice how innovative they were for their time. They created the five-panel shaker style and the original shaker cabinets.

Cubic Associates offer affordable interior design services that help to design your ideal kitchen spaces and home of your dreams.
Feel inspired to add timeless trends in kitchen design to your home, but don’t be sure where to start. Schedule a free interior design consultation with our experienced kitchen interior designers today.

Cubic, the best Interior Designers creating Glamorous Bedroom yet cozy

Top 8 Easy & Affordable Ways to Make Your Bedroom Glamorous Yet Cozy!

If anything that defines personal to perfection then it is the bedroom. A bedroom is one of the most comfortable and tranquil spaces in your home. It is one of the most important rooms, where you have ultimate alone time. 

It is the ultimate place where you spend your maximum time sleeping, watching TV while being all cozy, comfortable, night stays with BFF, mid-night snacking, reading novels, and whatnot.

It’s just not a room of your home, it is your bedroom that should look, feel, & scream your personality. Such peaceful charm found in space demands elegance and comfort moreover needs to be adorned with beautiful wall frames, décor items, lighting, soothing colours, & an aesthetic atmosphere that easily blends with bedroom textures and patterns. 

Award-winning Cubic interior designers in Hyderabad share a few ideas for a high-end-looking and elegant bedroom even if you are on a budget.

We know glamorous and comfy bedroom décor could be quite heavy on your pockets, that’s why we have rounded up 5 easy and cost-effective ways to glam up your bedrooms.

Glam Décor 

If you love sophisticated luxury, then the modern glamorous style can be right for your bedroom. Stunning yet simple décor accessories, sparkling lighting, tufted furniture lead to classy interior design. The modern glam-up look can be typically achieved through the combination of 3 colours.

  • A metallic gold (gold/silver)
  • A neutral (black/white)
  • An accent colour (pink, grey)

Let’s go over more specific ways you could get a modern chic décor look in your bedroom.

Lights, Colour, & Glam Up 

The first & foremost thing that one needs to do is to choose a colour scheme for the bedroom, and everything will compliment that colour. 

Our home and commercial interior designers recommend you to go for neutral colours such as white,   off-white, beige, light pink, light grays colours that go well with other colours & make all the statement décor pieces pop. In addition, these neutral tones are easily available, cost-effective, and are quite versatile.

  • Monochromatic Theme

You know people who afford luxurious décor have one thing that is very common, that they don’t over-decorate. The more elegant, chic, and comfy it is, the more modern & luxurious it will look. That is why top interior designers recommend monochromatic themes &  neutral tones.

Light shades give you the illusion of larger space than actually, it is, also they are even more affordable than colored pieces. 

Opt for neutral colored furniture& complimenting curtains along with the akin shade of paint,  to give a much more glamorous look.

  • Metallic is Chic

This specific trend has entirely changed the game of accessories & their role in the home décor. They add the touch of royal elegance and gold, rose gold, silver, & copper tones go hand in hand with neutral tones and also give you an appealing finish.

Neutral tones blend in with warm metallic blends give the bedroom a familiar & cozier feel, while cool shades can make the space more pleasant & adds a soft sheen.

One can easily get metallic accents from Amazon online or other local markets, additionally you can also paint accessories to make them pocket-friendly.

  • Serene Lighting 

Impressive and proper lightning features instantly add a statement of opulence to the room. You can add luminous lighting next to your bedsides in the form of lampshades or hanging pendants. 

Choose a fixture with a shiny Finish of Gold, Glass, or Crystals.  This helps to provide the room with a resplendent gleam, additionally, a grand ceiling fixture like a chandelier also uplifts the bedroom interiors. You can get pendant lights, statement lamps on amazing deals online.

  • Add Drama with Curtains

Curtains have become one of the tools to add drama into the rooms. In the beginning, try with simple layered style curtains with this fabric eventually followed by thick one. It gives them a designer look & feels much more luxurious when done correctly. The trick helps in adding length to your room and looks much better when compared to half-length curtains.

  • Tufted Headboards 

An ideal way to style up your bedroom is to add a tufted headboard, it could bring that missing favour & helps to pull together your bedroom décor.  Employing headboards instantly gives the glam vibe to your bedroom leaving everyone in awe. 

The Cubic residential interior designers in Hyderabad here offer some tried & tested tips that help you infuse glamour into your bedroom interiors.

Small Things, Big Impact 

  • Mirrored Accessories 

Mirrors are prominent in décor for all compelling reasons. Mirrors just add that shine, a reflection that improves the room plus adds brightness to the bedrooms. 

Go for small mirrored décor items to furnish your room, like jewelry boxes, candleholders, mirrored trays, anything or everything. 

  • Art & Faux Fur carpets 

Adding some art pieces is the simplest way to add glamour to your room, where you can go for wall hangings, paintings, picture frames, etc. They add uniqueness & character to your bedroom, revealing your interests and ideas in art.

Rugs and carpets give that textured look to your room, which is quite appealing yet soothing. Faux fur carpets and rugs under your bed separate the area from the rest of the room, making it look even more spacious.

  • Don’t Clutter, Add Drama 

Everything is of no use if the room is untidy and cluttered. And if you will not change or clean often & everything in place, then any amount of money spent and décor effort are vain.

So the most important thing to glam up your space is to keep it as neat & clean as you can.

One can make a boring boxy room vibrant by adding tweaks such as bed headboards, bold dramatic textures to walls. 

Your bedroom reflects your identity, make its interiors awful by incorporating string lights, green planters to any corner of the room. Include comfy & affordable furniture & soft rugs that highlight the sense of relaxing respite in the space. 

The Takeaway

To design, decorate and pull together a space of your dreams can seem demanding and somewhat expensive. However, with knowledge, design ideas, the right material, and implementation you can create a wonderland anywhere, & we offer you precisely that.

The Cubic Associates, the top home and office interior designers in Hyderabad believe that a bedroom is more than personal space, so our expert designers let clients define the feel and their interpretations and later offer alluring bedroom spaces designed just for them.

Space saving Luxury Living Room Designs from Cubic Home Interior Designers used for multi-purpose furniture.

Top 6 Space-Saving yet Multipurpose Furniture Design Ideas for Small Homes!

Are you living in your dream metropolitan city and are you facing any space-crunch issues?

 Guess what!

Nowadays, it is the biggest question for every homeowner or resident, either they have a small or large space.

 The simple and ideal answer is, go with space-saving furniture.

Furniture is the backbone of interior design. It is the tool that facilitates the design and theme of a place and contributes to making a home more comfortable. Furniture helps to define areas of your place and give each area character. 

There are multiple space-saving furniture ideas that would not only save space but also elevate your living style. But, the homeowner should choose flexible and durable furniture.

In this blog post, we have highlighted various creative ideas of space-saving and portable furniture which you could apply in your home to save space.


Top 5 Creative Space-saving Furniture Design Ideas

Furniture is one of the primary, space-consuming design elements. It is extremely important to choose your furniture carefully, especially if you have little space, which is very common nowadays. In most cities and small apartments, the selection of furniture that will use your space will do the trick. 

You can also invest in multipurpose furniture. They save space and keep the class lighter than ever.  As the name suggests, it is a new and innovative modular furniture design that fulfills two functions. Also known as space-saving furniture, such multi-purpose furniture is perfect for small spaces. 

A firm believer in space-saving design, Cubic residential interior designers in Hyderabad bring you ideas of the modern age furniture with multifunctional furniture designs that can save space in your living room, bedroom, and even the kitchen. Let’s explore our top interior designers’ selection for multipurpose furniture designs. 

  •  A Multipurpose Wardrobe with a Smart TV Unit

In most bedrooms, there is a TV. With limited areas in the bedroom, the TV becomes more than just space. The bedroom also needs a wardrobe. It is wise to invest in multipurpose furniture to solve the problem of the cabinet TV unit. Cubic Interior designers bring exceptional wardrobe TV units that are designed to solve your bedroom furniture problem.    

The bedroom closet has a built-in TV unit that takes up zero space and is 100% efficient. The bedroom closet is equipped with a sliding door mechanism to help you save more space in the bedroom. The TV remains attached to the wardrobe, giving you a clear design. When not in use you can hide the TV behind the sliding door to give a neat furniture design. 


  • Multipurpose Sofa attached to a Bed   

We all know that sofas and sofas take up a lot of space in the house. This space becomes even more important when the house needs an extra bed, not only for the house but also for a guest room. It’s an incredible way to have a spare bed without compromising on the sofa. 

The sofa bed is an ideal way to save space in the living room. The sofa is a term for a modern loveseat attached to a Murphy bed which can be lifted up when not in use. If you need it, you can pull up the bed and arrange it over the sofa. The Murphy bed is also convenient for guest sofas, which are your ultimate comfort dreams in your home. 


  • A Multipurpose Study Unit    

Since work from home is becoming more and more routine, it is essential to have a job to study at home. This means that you need to create additional space for your learning unit. Study units need a shelf where your books and work documents can be stored. This is why our home & office interior designers in Hyderabad come up with multi-purpose furniture for this design so that the device can be attached to a space-saving bookshelf. 

The floating wooden desk has a space-saving handleless drawer and two open floating shelves. It also has a high bookcase, ideal for stacking books and storing bags. As you can see, the study has a straightforward and elegant design that fits in with the interior theme. 

You can choose any type of multi-purpose learning unit for a small bedroom. The work unit can be connected to the wardrobe on the other side to create an indispensable bedroom furniture ensemble. 

  • Multipurpose furniture wardrobe design with a concealed dressing unit    

As shown above, modular cabinets and various multipurpose furniture can help you save space. A bedroom closet can take up a lot of space if you work with a floor-to-ceiling closet design. However, you can save space without compromising on the size of your closet by using multifunctional closets. You don’t have to compromise on the size of your wardrobe if you need a lot of storage. 

One of the most efficient furniture wardrobe designs is the concealed wardrobe unit. A garment unit takes up a lot of space, especially if you need an accessory.     

Nowadays, most apartments have an open floor plan. This helps to create a liberal and airy interior design of the house. 


  • Kitchen Island with Storage    

A kitchen island can help you add more space to your kitchen countertop. Our expert home and commercial interior designers bring you a versatile kitchen island design that will help you make your kitchen more functional. With a white marble top, this kitchen island is the perfect breakfast bar where you can eat, chill and cook. 

Before equipping a kitchen island with such multipurpose furniture, you need to add storage space and countertop to your kitchen. A kitchen island has hidden storage facilities where you can store your cutlery and frequently used utensils. The counter on the island has a wooden storage unit that houses your valuable crockery and open shelves to bring your kitchen together. It multiplies your storage options in the kitchen without taking up space.

  • Wooden Staircase Design with a Hidden Storage     

If you know your staircase, this piece of furniture is the ideal multipurpose piece of furniture for you. A two-stage bunk bed, a wardrobe, and a bookcase are ideal for children’s rooms, and they are designed to give parents better control over the clutter. Open the bookshelf drawer and you have a stack of school books, comics, and novels. 

Nowadays, wooden staircases create a wave of people inclined to natural interior design. If you have the space, you can transform your wooden staircase into a multifunctional design theme like this.  

This exciting, versatile furniture design is ideal for small homes that need extra storage space. Inside the stairs, there are wooden storage boxes for clothes, shoes, and books. 


Have ideas to implement and are unsure of how and where to start? or Need a makeover for your small home or apartment within your budget? Our interior design experts at Cubic Interiors are here to help you.


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