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Top 8 Easy & Affordable Ways to Make Your Bedroom Glamorous Yet Cozy!

Top 8 Easy & Affordable Ways to Make Your Bedroom Glamorous Yet Cozy!

If anything that defines personal to perfection then it is the bedroom. A bedroom is one of the most comfortable and tranquil spaces in your home. It is one of the most important rooms, where you have ultimate alone time. 

It is the ultimate place where you spend your maximum time sleeping, watching TV while being all cozy, comfortable, night stays with BFF, mid-night snacking, reading novels, and whatnot.

It’s just not a room of your home, it is your bedroom that should look, feel, & scream your personality. Such peaceful charm found in space demands elegance and comfort moreover needs to be adorned with beautiful wall frames, décor items, lighting, soothing colours, & an aesthetic atmosphere that easily blends with bedroom textures and patterns. 

Award-winning Cubic interior designers in Hyderabad share a few ideas for a high-end-looking and elegant bedroom even if you are on a budget.

We know glamorous and comfy bedroom décor could be quite heavy on your pockets, that’s why we have rounded up 5 easy and cost-effective ways to glam up your bedrooms.

Glam Décor 

If you love sophisticated luxury, then the modern glamorous style can be right for your bedroom. Stunning yet simple décor accessories, sparkling lighting, tufted furniture lead to classy interior design. The modern glam-up look can be typically achieved through the combination of 3 colours.

  • A metallic gold (gold/silver)
  • A neutral (black/white)
  • An accent colour (pink, grey)

Let’s go over more specific ways you could get a modern chic décor look in your bedroom.

Lights, Colour, & Glam Up 

The first & foremost thing that one needs to do is to choose a colour scheme for the bedroom, and everything will compliment that colour. 

Our home and commercial interior designers recommend you to go for neutral colours such as white,   off-white, beige, light pink, light grays colours that go well with other colours & make all the statement décor pieces pop. In addition, these neutral tones are easily available, cost-effective, and are quite versatile.

  • Monochromatic Theme

You know people who afford luxurious décor have one thing that is very common, that they don’t over-decorate. The more elegant, chic, and comfy it is, the more modern & luxurious it will look. That is why top interior designers recommend monochromatic themes &  neutral tones.

Light shades give you the illusion of larger space than actually, it is, also they are even more affordable than colored pieces. 

Opt for neutral colored furniture& complimenting curtains along with the akin shade of paint,  to give a much more glamorous look.

  • Metallic is Chic

This specific trend has entirely changed the game of accessories & their role in the home décor. They add the touch of royal elegance and gold, rose gold, silver, & copper tones go hand in hand with neutral tones and also give you an appealing finish.

Neutral tones blend in with warm metallic blends give the bedroom a familiar & cozier feel, while cool shades can make the space more pleasant & adds a soft sheen.

One can easily get metallic accents from Amazon online or other local markets, additionally you can also paint accessories to make them pocket-friendly.

  • Serene Lighting 

Impressive and proper lightning features instantly add a statement of opulence to the room. You can add luminous lighting next to your bedsides in the form of lampshades or hanging pendants. 

Choose a fixture with a shiny Finish of Gold, Glass, or Crystals.  This helps to provide the room with a resplendent gleam, additionally, a grand ceiling fixture like a chandelier also uplifts the bedroom interiors. You can get pendant lights, statement lamps on amazing deals online.

  • Add Drama with Curtains

Curtains have become one of the tools to add drama into the rooms. In the beginning, try with simple layered style curtains with this fabric eventually followed by thick one. It gives them a designer look & feels much more luxurious when done correctly. The trick helps in adding length to your room and looks much better when compared to half-length curtains.

  • Tufted Headboards 

An ideal way to style up your bedroom is to add a tufted headboard, it could bring that missing favour & helps to pull together your bedroom décor.  Employing headboards instantly gives the glam vibe to your bedroom leaving everyone in awe. 

The Cubic residential interior designers in Hyderabad here offer some tried & tested tips that help you infuse glamour into your bedroom interiors.

Small Things, Big Impact 

  • Mirrored Accessories 

Mirrors are prominent in décor for all compelling reasons. Mirrors just add that shine, a reflection that improves the room plus adds brightness to the bedrooms. 

Go for small mirrored décor items to furnish your room, like jewelry boxes, candleholders, mirrored trays, anything or everything. 

  • Art & Faux Fur carpets 

Adding some art pieces is the simplest way to add glamour to your room, where you can go for wall hangings, paintings, picture frames, etc. They add uniqueness & character to your bedroom, revealing your interests and ideas in art.

Rugs and carpets give that textured look to your room, which is quite appealing yet soothing. Faux fur carpets and rugs under your bed separate the area from the rest of the room, making it look even more spacious.

  • Don’t Clutter, Add Drama 

Everything is of no use if the room is untidy and cluttered. And if you will not change or clean often & everything in place, then any amount of money spent and décor effort are vain.

So the most important thing to glam up your space is to keep it as neat & clean as you can.

One can make a boring boxy room vibrant by adding tweaks such as bed headboards, bold dramatic textures to walls. 

Your bedroom reflects your identity, make its interiors awful by incorporating string lights, green planters to any corner of the room. Include comfy & affordable furniture & soft rugs that highlight the sense of relaxing respite in the space. 

The Takeaway

To design, decorate and pull together a space of your dreams can seem demanding and somewhat expensive. However, with knowledge, design ideas, the right material, and implementation you can create a wonderland anywhere, & we offer you precisely that.

The Cubic Associates, the top home and office interior designers in Hyderabad believe that a bedroom is more than personal space, so our expert designers let clients define the feel and their interpretations and later offer alluring bedroom spaces designed just for them.

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